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The Florida Keys bonefishing Resource

Florida Keys Bonefishing

For Years bonefish have made thier way into anglers dreams and desires from many shows on tv done about bonefishing here in the Florida Keys and Key West.

Our flats fishing and backcountry fishing guides will take you to the best bonefishing grounds in the world. Right here in the United States our very own Florida Keys and Key West.

  Bonefishing in the Flordida Keys and Key West
Bonefishing on the Fly rod or spinning rod is great fun. our guides are dedicated to putting you on the fish.

About Bonefishing Charters

Bonefishing charters on board a flats boats require a 3 or higher in skill level on light tackle spin fishing gear. For Fly fishing anglers a skill level of 3 or higher is requested. We leave this up to the individual depening on your needs and budget.

Most successfull numbers of bonefish are caught using light tackle spin fishing gear. Fly fishing for bonefish is indeed more challenging to the catch ratio.

We have charters departing in every location in the Florida Keys offering 4, 6, and 8 hour bonefishing trips. Scheduling will be done with your fishing guide. Cost is between $ 425.00 for the half day to 625.00 for the full day.

The boats we use are flats boats that cary not more than two anglers and bay boats that can cary up to 4 anglers but 3 is the recomended cap for bonefishing.

Bonefishing By Region
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Guides, charters and information about Islamorada tarpon Fishing. The sport fishing capitol.
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Tarpon Fishing Key West Bonefishing in Key West
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About Bonefishing

Bonefish can be found in the Florida Keys and Key West up on the flats and in the near shallow waters all over the backcountry.

These fish are very fast, super weary, and super sonic with speed and unpredictable fight the bonefish makes for a great sport fish for any fishermans bucket list.

Finding bonefish requires a fishing guide that has dedicated much time to spotting them, understanding the fishes paterns and feeding habbits and knowing where to be for his anglers to have a fighting chance at catching one.

Bonefishing is almost a year round sport. With the exception of our coolest months (December, January, February and March) bonefish are found all over the Florida Keys and Key West.

"Tailing" conditions are when the bonefish is feeding in the super shallow flats with thier backs and tails in the air using that as leverage to dig up crustaceons on the flats bottom."Tailers" have been a dream target for many light tackle angling enthusiasts and fly fishing anglers. Catching a "tailer" is the holy grail of bonefishing here in the Florida Keys and Key West.

Sight fishing for bones is a traditonal way to fish for them. Here your fishing guide maneuvers the boat along in the shallows looking for shots. His eagle eye vision will spot these fish as they are mudding, crusing, or pushing. He will then instruct you to cast to the area where the fish may be or will be in hopes of your success in catching one.

Not every bonefish caught in the Florida Keys is a "tailer" or "sight fished" in fact, most are not even seen before they eat your offering. Many areas are so loaded with bonefish and other species blind casting works great and people catch numerous fish in a trip. This is especially good for skill level 1 or 2 to have a shot at catching these speedy fish. We have had kids as young as 6 years old catch them this way.


More In depth about Bonefishing charters

When you call us it is important that we know as much about your expectations and fishing skills as possible to make sure your guide placement is correct. We specialize in this and can ensure your day to be a success.

Our bonefishing guides work the tides for bonefish and can fill the rest of the day in with other species on the flats in that may or may not be on your list. But, we promise, they will be fun!

Flats boats are a traditonal way to fish for bonefish. There is a two person maximum on a flats fishing boat. In this manner of fishing for bonefish the fishing guide uses a stealth technique to sneak up on these very weary fish called poling. Poling is an art and a very qualified fishing guide is required for such a task. Our flats fishing guides that we reccomend for bonefishing are top rated and very good at it. For fly fishermen in search of "tailing" bonefish in super shallow waters, this is the way to go.

Bay boats are comming on the scene for bonefishing. Able to carry 3 and in some cases 4 persons the bay boat fishing guide uses a trolling motor to work his way into the shallows on top of and along the edge of the flats for bonefish. Bay boats are very versatile to fish many other species in the same trip very comfortably offering anglers more opportunities to catch different species of fish.

All licenses, rods, reels and bottled waters with an ice cooler are provided for you. You need bring only a hat, sunscreen, polarized glasses for your day on the water with one of our bonefishing guides.

The choice is yours.

Our Standards

Anglers deserve the very best that the Florida Keys and Key West have to offer for thier fishing days on the water. While we cannot guarantee the fishing we do promise top notch professionalism, customer service and updated equipment on every fishing charter. Learn More about our standards....