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Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing Resource

Backcountry Fishing

Enjoy fishing the beautiful backcountry waters of the Florida Keys and Key West. Fishing for all sorts of fish including; tarpon, sharks, permit, barracudas, trout, snook, redfish, pompano, jacks, snappers, and more with our fun professional fishing guides.

Backcountry fishing is always calm, pretty and exciting. Our fishing guides keep you in the fish for what is biting on your day.

  Backcountry Fishing Florida Keys and Key West
Fish for all of the species of the backcountry on this popular Florida Keys fishing charter.

about Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing

We have 4, 6, and 8 hour charters departing daily from every destination in the Florida Keys and Key West. All are with professional fishing guides aboard state of the art bay fishing boats that offer the room and convenience to fish up to 4 anglers effortlessly for many different species of fish.

Fishing in the shallows of the Florida Keys and Key West backcountry waters takes a professional fishing guide and in some cases like when fishing in the Everglades National park, important fishing licenses.

The backcountry is the area (geographically speaking) that is located on the bay or Gulf of Mexico side of US 1 or the Overseas Highway that goes from Key Largo all the way though the Florida Keys to Key West. Made up of many small and some larger islands comprised mostly of mangroves. These areas are mostly uninhabited with a few exceptions.

Backcoutry Fishing By Region
Backcountry Fishing Key West Backcountry Key West
Key West, year round tarpon fishing and around the clock island life make for a fun fishing adventure.
Backcountry fishing  Islamorada Backcountry Islamorada
Guides, charters and information about Islamorada tarpon Fishing. The sport fishing capitol.
Backcountry Fishing Marathon Backcountry Marathon
Middle Keys afford ability makes tarpon fishing here a bit easier on the wallet, and big on fun meter.
Backcountry Fishing In Key Largo, Florida Keys Backcountry Key Largo
The first island in fishing for tarpon. Tropical island just 1 hour from Miami.

Backcountry Fishing in Depth

Around these backcountry islands lies the flats of the Florida Keys. A flat is a shallow area of water that can be comprised of a grass bed, sand bar or lime stone table rock. Between the flats and shallow areas are the channels that feed them with fresh tidal flow from the Gulf of Mexico. This flow is what makes the backcountry so incredible for fishing. Bringing everything in from the deeper waters like shrimp, bait fish and nutrients as well as cooler and warmer waters to stabilized the water temperature of the backcountry.

The Fish of the backcountry

No matter where you decide to fish out of the Florida Keys the numbers of different species of fish you can catch in the backcountry are staggering. All up and down the Florida Keys and Key West one of our anglers can expect to have chances to catch the following species on a backcountry fishing charter, availability depending only on seasons: tarpon, bonefish, mackerel, bull sharks, lemon sharks, black tip sharks, great barracudas, snappers, goliath groupers, jack crevalles, blue fish, sea trout, pompano and lady fish.

Each area has it's known species that may be more plentiful than others on the backcountry fishing trips.


Backcountry Fishing Near Key Largo and Islamorada are well known for snook, large trout, numerous redfish, and goliath groupers.

Backcountry fishing in Key West anglers can expect to have more shots at; Tarpon almost year round, permit, numerous bonefish, loads of ladyfish, bluefish and jack crevalles in the cooler months.

What is the Draw to Backcountry fishing?

Its the whole package. potentially big fish, numbers of different species, the beauty, the wild life, sight fishing, everyone can do it, inexpensive charter, calm waters and high volume of fish. It is all the things that anyone who loves to fish would like. You have it all in backcountry fishing here in the Florida Keys and Key West.

How Much Does a backcountry fishing charter cost?

For as little as $450.00 two anglers of any age or skill level can enjoy a 4 hour trip on one of our fishing guides bay boats from Key Largo to Key West. Additional charges will be applied for additional persons. These rates will include everything you will need for a great day fishing in the backcountry plus bottled waters and a cooler with ice. Check out our inshore fishing rates here.