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Florida Keys Shark Fishing

Shark Fishing

Lets face it. Sharks are scary. But they are so cool. Top of their game in power, presence and food chain. The apex predator. The Hospice of the oceans.

Shark fishing in the Florida Keys is awesome. Come see why more and more anglers are choosing sharks for their targeted species. Up and down the Florida Keys.

  Shark Fishing Florida Keys

Shark fishing charters are becoming more and more popular.
We put you front row seat to catch these monsters.


Shark Fishing Charters

Our shark fishing charters are done in the Florida Keys backcountry waters and channels. Many folks who wish to fish for sharks want the calmer waters and the sight fishing component that the backcountry has to offer.

Many of our recommended fishing guides have bay boats that can fish up to 4 persons in the shallows. These bay boats make for an incredible fishing platform for shark fishing.

Light tackle, spin fishing gear, fly fishing tackle and conventional tackle are the main forms of gear we use. In the shallows sharks respond very quickly to top water plugs, live / dead bait and can be teased to eat a fly.

When booking your Florida Keys shark fishing adventure let us know how you would like to catch your shark. We will pair you up with a shark fishing guide that offers what you are looking for.

Shark Fishing By Region
Tarpon Fishing Islamorada Shark Fishing Islamorada
Guides, charters and information about Islamorada shark Fishing. The sport fishing capitol world.
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Tarpon Fishing Key West Shark Fishing Key West
Key West shark fishing is famous. As seen on TV we have sharks all over our backcountry waters.
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Tarpon Fishing Marathon Shark Fishing Marathon
Middle Keys afford ability makes shark fishing here a bit easier on the wallet, and big on fun meter.
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Tarpon Fishing Key Largo Shark Fishing Key Largo
Key Largo has lots of sharks. Right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean Key Largo Shark fishing.
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About Shark Fishing

Whether you are fly fishing, light tackle fishing or conventional tackle shark fishing is a blast. Most of our charters are done in the Florida Keys Backcountry.

As our shark fishing guides set out fresh bait is on their minds. Sharks love fresh bait, and nothing more than barracudas, bluefish and jacks. lots of blood, lots of stink.

On our trademarked "Shallow Water Monsters Tour" we start out by catching the bait. This can be as much fun as catching the sharks themselves. Using top water plugs, spoons, jigs and lipped plugs we work the flats and the shallows. Casting these artificial lures provoke the kill instinct in the fast swimming predator fish. The fight of a barracuda is amazing, fast runs and leaps for freedom. An exhilarating way to start the day. Jacks, bluefish, blue runners and others pull like pit bulls and get our anglers warmed up for the big guys - Sharks.

After our bait selection has been added to we make the short run to our shark spots. Use our catch for chum and maybe a live one for bait. As the sharks dial in on the scent its not hard to spot them in the shallow waters. They look like submarines swimming toward the boat. Big brawny bull sharks, lemons and sometimes hammer heads. The black tip sharks sneak in and break out quickly as they are a bit more skittish. Non the less they are all here to feed and we have what they want.

Once the bait is taken we adjust the drags on the gear and the battle ensues. The sharks eat and run so quick that many times we have to drive the fish down for our anglers to make the catch. Using state of the art gear with rod belts for your comfort allows any angler to catch a trophy.

Once the shark is brought along side the boat, he is then presented for our anglers to get the photo with him and then safely released. We will not kill a shark for ANY reason, so don't ask.


Florida Keys Shark Fishing Season

Sharks in the Florida Keys are a wonderful year round fishery for us here. Bull sharks migrate and spawn in late February and this increases the numbers. But we catch sharks here in the Florida Keys and Key West every day.

Time of day does not matter either. We catch sharks all hours of the day. Our shark fishing guides know the times and currents to find the cooler eddies where the sharks like to go presenting our anglers with Many Many shots.

All In One Fishing Charters

If shark fishing is interesting to you. Be sure to check out our "All In Wonder" fishing charters. On this trademarked fishing adventure we offer our anglers a little bit of everything. Giving them a taste of it all here in Florida Keys fishing. Fishing not only for sharks but many species of the Florida Keys backcountry waters. Call for more details on this very flexible Florida Keys fishing charter.

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Our Standards

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